3 simple steps to help your tenant deal with noisy neighbours

Landlords have a responsibility to help their tenants receive property maintenance and repair requests, as well as to address other pressing issues such as noise complaints.

Here are three simple steps to help your tenant battle with excessive noise from neighbours.

1. Record

Encourage your tenant to keep a log of the issue at hand. This is as simple as writing down the time and date whenever a noise incident takes place, along with a few concise details and any actions taken. That way, you’re able to establish whether the noise complaint is a one-off, occasional or frequently recurring problem. Don’t forget to ask for a copy of your tenant’s log for your own records.

2. Plan

The next step is to form an action plan to resolve the issue. The first port of call is often asking your tenant to politely talk to their neighbour so that they’re aware the excessive noise levels are becoming an issue. It helps to have an ideal outcome up their sleeve. For example, your tenant may suggest to compromise and come to an agreement. Can the noise be lowered at certain times of the day or restricted in some way?

3. Act

If all else fails, your tenant can lodge a formal complaint to the local council or police station. This is where it pays to have a written log to use as supportive evidence. Alternatively, you as the landlord may also address the issue yourself. A simple, concerned written letter or chat with the neighbour (on your tenant

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