Five common mistakes made by new rental property landlords (and how to avoid them)

common landlord mistakes

The property market can be a greatly rewarding venture for many investors. However, inexperience can easily lead to frustration and squandered finance.

Here are five common errors that you should avoid as a new landlord. [Read more…]

Everything you need to know about rental property tax deductions

investment property tax deductions

Tax time offers property investors an important opportunity to reap the many benefits of investing. But do you know which deductions you’re eligible for and how you can save yourself from paying more?

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Investment Property FAQ: Owners Corporations

Investment Property FAQ

Find the answers to the questions that we frequently get asked about Owners Corporations. [Read more…]

Investment Property FAQ: Strata Levies/Fees

Find the answers to questions that we frequently get asked about Strata Levies/Fees. [Read more…]

Investment Property FAQ about Property Owners Insurance

property owners insuranceIn this article, we answer the questions we frequently get asked about property owners insurance. [Read more…]

Investment Property FAQ: Charging for Water

What are the arrangements for charging tenants water usage?

The Residential Tenancy law changed on 31st January 2011 and in order to charge tenants for water usage water restrictors have to be fitted to the shower rose and all other taps in the property. The maximum water flow allowed is 9 litres per minute. [Read more…]