What features do tenants look for in a high-priced apartment?

high priced apartments

Apartment living is a lifestyle choice for which many renters are willing to pay top dollar, provided they get bang for their buck. If you’re planning on investing in a high-end apartment, it’s important to ensure you are providing the right features to target the large market of mostly urban professional renters attracted to low-maintenance, high-comfort living. [Read more…]

Tips on how to attract Gen Y renters to your investment property

Gen Y RentersGeneration Y renters are the new ‘it people’ in the property investment game. Attracting Gen Y can lead to a wider prospective tenant pool, but only if you know how to cater to their needs. [Read more…]

Tips for choosing the right suburb for your property investment

sydney suburbs

First-time investors are often stuck as to which suburb is the best to buy in. Whether you’re looking to attract a certain demographic, aiming for strong capital growth or seeking the highest rental return, finding the right suburb is an essential part of the investment process. [Read more…]

Tips for getting started in property investment

getting started in property investment

It’s becoming an increasingly common complaint that more and more people are being priced out of the property market. This is especially true of young people whose parents would have had no trouble buying their first property at the same age. While the market certainly can be tough for first-timers to crack, the key factor is to get in as soon as possible – any way you can. [Read more…]

Rental property repairs – who’s responsible for what?

rental property repairs

Both landlords and tenants have responsibilities when it comes to the upkeep and repair of rental properties. So, before you point the finger at tenants and demand money for rental property damages, understand who exactly is responsible for rental property repairs. [Read more…]

Five common mistakes made by new rental property landlords (and how to avoid them)

common landlord mistakes

The property market can be a greatly rewarding venture for many investors. However, inexperience can easily lead to frustration and squandered finance.

Here are five common errors that you should avoid as a new landlord. [Read more…]

Everything you need to know about rental property tax deductions

investment property tax deductions

Tax time offers property investors an important opportunity to reap the many benefits of investing. But do you know which deductions you’re eligible for and how you can save yourself from paying more?

[Read more…]

The correct way to claim your rental property expenses

rental property expenses

The property market is surging as people look to place their financial faith in real estate once more. While the enthusiasm of property investors increases, however, so too does the amount of deductions claimed. [Read more…]

Property Investing 101: Understanding the Basics

property investing 101

Finding the right investment property that ticks all the boxes takes time, patience and a whole lot of smarts. The best place to start is with the basics.

Here are the essential tools and tactics every budding investor needs to know. [Read more…]

Four property phases every investor needs to know

Property phases

There are four distinct phases in every property cycle, yet surprisingly few investors capitalise on this knowledge.

Understanding exactly where you are in the property cycle can ultimately help you pick the best time to buy and sell for maximum profit. [Read more…]