Landlord’s Responsibilities for Deck & Balcony Safety

Balcony and decking safety

In response to a number of accidents on decks and balconies a new guide to deck and balcony safety has been announced. Landlords will need to consider this as well as the requirement to ensure that their rented premises are in a reasonable state of repair.

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Termite troubles: Why regular termite inspections of your investment property are essential


They may be tiny, but termites have the power to completely dismantle your property investment dreams. Regular termite inspections are an essential part of property maintenance for all investors. [Read more…]

4 Investment Property Enhancing Maintenance and Renovation Tips

air conditioner

Four tips on property maintenance and renovation that can enhance your property’s rentability and save you money in the long run [Read more…]

How good property maintenance makes financial sense

good property maintenance

Ongoing property maintenance can be a significant expense, and understandably some property investors are reluctant to dedicate the necessary funds to ensure their properties remain in good shape. However, there are solid reasons to believe that maintenance costs represent money well spent, since regular maintenance will help keep the resale value of your property up, increase rental returns, attract conscientious tenants and minimise vacancy rates. [Read more…]

Rental property repairs – who’s responsible for what?

rental property repairs

Both landlords and tenants have responsibilities when it comes to the upkeep and repair of rental properties. So, before you point the finger at tenants and demand money for rental property damages, understand who exactly is responsible for rental property repairs. [Read more…]