2 Top Tips for Avoiding Tenant Litigation

avoiding litigation

Landlords can find themselves having to worry about an abundance of issues when owning a rental property, that they often overlook some of the obvious ones that can lead to litigation.

Most of the major causes of landlord-tenant litigation include problematic late fees, failing to issue proper notices, renting without a tenancy agreement, illegal property use and conditions in need of repair. [Read more…]

Insights into Property Management: Your Responsibilites as a Landlord

landlord responsibilities

Many investment property owners hire a property manager to look after their property, or multiple properties, so they can focus on their own lives and job. But little do they know that they’re still responsible for their investment property, despite contracting an agent to work on their behalf.

Here is a list of what responsibilities you’re still subject to as a landlord:

Follow up reports

Ignorance is not bliss and landlords cannot afford to be in the dark where their property is concerned. That’s why you must make an effort to regularly keep in contact with your property manager agent to ensure everything is running smoothly.

This is easily achieved by following up your rental property reports. Your agent should ideally be sending them out to you every three months. Reports should outline tenant rental payment history, maintenance, property inspections, issued notices and any other information regarding the property.

By being aware of such information, you heave peace of mind knowing your rental property is being managed legally and efficiently. Remember, there are tenants out there who very much know their rights. If you do not know your landlord rights or are following up your reports, you could be taken advantage of.

Work through problems with your property manager

Have you discovered that an undesirable tenant is living in your rental property? While some tenants travel a tough road and have resorted to taking matters into their own hands (which sometimes is their only option), you’re first port of call should actually be to speak with your property manager first.

It’s much more effective to deal with and work through tenant/rental property issues with your property manager. Ask them what has gone on. You can also refer to your reports and decide for yourself whether your agent has acted appropriately. If not, you can solve the issue by suggesting to take another course of action that will yield better results.

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When is the best time to change property managers?

time to change property managers

There’s a right time for everything and you already know your existing property manager is no longer performing. So when is it optimal to change property managers?

  • When renewing a lease?
  • Signing new tenants?
  • Or when the property manager is no longer meeting your expectations?

Let’s take a look at two instances when you should consider ending your contract with your previous property manager and hiring a new one: [Read more…]

Are Short Term Rentals the Way to go for your Investment Property?

short term investment property rentals

Short-term rentals have become a hot commodity for landlords/property managers, but are they the way for all?

Let’s take a look at the benefits, disadvantages and legal implications of renting out properties under a short-term contract: [Read more…]

iPhone, iPad and Android Apps to Make Property Management Easier

We live in a tech-savvy world. So naturally, smart developers have created property management apps for landlords to conveniently make use of.

So if you’re a landlord who owns an iPhone, iPad or Android-powered device, it’s worthwhile giving these apps a test run to see how they can make your life easier: [Read more…]

Top Tips for Managing and Maintaining your Investment Property

tips for managing and maintaining your rental property

Whether you already have an investment property or you’re planning to get one soon, protect your investment by managing and maintaining it well. [Read more…]

Is Renting to Family or Friends Wise?

renting to family or friends


Are You Conducting Tenant Reference Checks on Facebook?

facebook icon

Potential employers check reference on Facebook. So should you give it a try, in your capacity as a landlord?

Ten years ago the public domain was limited to newspapers and various other disconnected mediums that granted no real insight into an individual.

Myspace was one of the first to start the movement that is now known as social networking, however those that frequented myspace weren

How to Minimise your Rental Property Maintenance Costs

rental property maintenance

Earning a residual income through a healthy property portfolio is the ideal situation for many people. Once the agreement is signed and your tenants are in, it

Property Management Horror Stories

Some people say the full moon brings out the craziness in people! As a Property Manager you could assume that every day is full moon. [Read more…]