Reasons why your investment property is empty

empty rental property

Buying an investment property is one thing. Attracting the right tenants is another. If you are struggling to find tenants, you may be committing one or more classic landlord mistakes.

In order for your property to consistently attract tenants, it must be let out at a reasonable rental rate, be readily accessible to potential tenants, be well maintained and have the right features for comfortable living. [Read more…]

Current Topics and Trends in Local Property Ownership

KGHurst Update

Here’s an update from K.G.Hurst Real Estate in Eastwood, Sydney, on the current topics and trends in local Property Ownership. [Read more…]

What features do tenants look for in a high-priced apartment?

high priced apartments

Apartment living is a lifestyle choice for which many renters are willing to pay top dollar, provided they get bang for their buck. If you’re planning on investing in a high-end apartment, it’s important to ensure you are providing the right features to target the large market of mostly urban professional renters attracted to low-maintenance, high-comfort living. [Read more…]

Tips on how to attract Gen Y renters to your investment property

Gen Y RentersGeneration Y renters are the new ‘it people’ in the property investment game. Attracting Gen Y can lead to a wider prospective tenant pool, but only if you know how to cater to their needs. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Boost the Appeal of your Rental Property (and Attract the Right Tenants)

rented property

Got a gem of a rental property but not getting any bites?

With just the simplest of home updates, you can instantly boost your property’s rental appeal and attract the right tenants.

Get started with these perfectly profitable rental property updates. [Read more…]

Should you be friends with tenants on social media?

To friend or not to friend your tenants on social media… that is the question.
[Read more…]

How to Report Bad Tenants

TICA is Australia’s largest tenancy database, covering every state and territory. Find out how becoming a registered member of TICA could benefit you if bad tenants are causing headaches. [Read more…]

Why are apartments popular rental choices?

rental apartment

It’s an age-old debate: apartments vs. houses. What accommodation style do you think will come out on top in Australia’s rental property

3 simple steps to help your tenant deal with noisy neighbours

Landlords have a responsibility to help their tenants receive property maintenance and repair requests, as well as to address other pressing issues such as noise complaints.

Here are three simple steps to help your tenant battle with excessive noise from neighbours. [Read more…]

Are your expectations for your rental property reasonable?

rental property expectations

Every landlord has conjured up an idea of the perfect tenant or rental property outcome. It might involve cash flow or how much and how often rent should increase. Are your expectations realistic or are they set too high? Is your cash flow positive, but still achievable? [Read more…]