Is your new tenant really who they say they are?

Identity crime is a generic term used to describe the act of a person who fabricates, manipulates or steals and assumes an identity to facilitate a crime. It isn

3 Painful Problems for Landlords that You’ll Want to Avoid

painful tenants

Bad tenants are primarily viewed as those who recklessly trash homes. But what about the ones who pay rent late or fail to pay up at all? Or those who become friends? Tenants should be kept at arm’s lengths and have their rental property regularly inspected. [Read more…]

The benefits of open house viewings

Showing a rental property to many people during set hours on a particular day is a highly effective way for landlords to find ideal tenants. No appointments are needed, the viewing is open to the public and it’s an opportunity to market an empty rental property and wow a bunch of potential applicants at the same time.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider an open house viewing. [Read more…]

Late Fees for Outstanding Rent: Are they for you?

overdue rent

Renting out investment properties is essentially a business. And like all businesses, penalties are often applied for late payments. Some landlords swear by enforcing late fees on outstanding rent. Should you be charging them too? Is it fair? Is it legal?

[Read more…]

Rental Property Tips: How to Keep Good Tenants

good tenants

So you’ve got a good thing going on with great tenants. They pay the rent on time, look after your property with the care it deserves and are pleasant dealing with you and surrounding neighbours.

Here are some tips that can take the mystery out of how to retain your good tenants for longer. [Read more…]

How to make your rental property appealing to pet owners

pets in rental properties

Landlords who allow pets at their rental properties are able to increase their marketing opportunities and attract greater demand from a larger pool of tenants. Make your property more appealing to pet owners just by implementing a few small changes. [Read more…]

What to do when things go pear shaped with your rental property

A bad tenant

Do you have a zero tolerance policy in your tenancy agreement?

Low or no rent arrears rates are the result of a landlord and/or property manager’s complete dedication to zero tolerance. If you want to be successful at effective rent control, it’s time to start adding stringent measures to your tenancy agreement.

A minority of tenants will get behind in their rent, but it’s your attitude on rent arrears that’s going to bring a positive result. The truth is that not upholding a zero-tolerance policy means you’re sending a clear message to tenants that late rent and tenancy breaches are acceptable. [Read more…]

How to make your rental property appealing to different tenant sectors

appealing rental property

It’s easy to prepare your furnished or unfurnished rental property so it attracts certain tenant segments. Read on to discover the top tactics for targeting family renters, students, blue-collar professionals and more. [Read more…]

3 reasons why landlords should encourage renter’s insurance

There are many unfortunate liabilities in renting that the landlord cannot be held accountable for. That’s why, as a landlord, it’s a great idea to encourage a new tenant to organise their own renter’s insurance policy to avoid dramas in the future.

Contrary to popular belief, landlord insurance does not cover the tenant’s property