Finally, a place to vent!

I want to thank Lyn from KGHurst Real Estate for allowing me to tell you how I see the real estate game!

I don’t work in the industry . . . why would I want to?

I have a wife and a child.

I own property that I share with my bank like most Aussies and hemorrhage on the first Tuesday of every month when Glenn Stevens from the RBA says they are lifting interest rates.

I have an investment property that I will use to help pay for my daughter’s education.

I am a small businessman.

I am just like you in so many ways!

Except, you can only vent about your dislike, distrust and discontent with the real estate industry, the RBA, the media and the neighbour that sold his house for $100K less than what you paid for yours, to your mates at the pub or the men and women around the water cooler.

Lyn has given me open slather to share my thoughts as part of her blog. And don’t worry I won’t hold back – I rarely do. I am going to tell you the way I see things.

I think I will remain anonymous at the moment. I just haven’t come up with an alias just yet. Maybe you can help?

Wait until I write a few blogs and then lets see what you think.

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