How to Report Bad Tenants

TICA is Australia’s largest tenancy database, covering every state and territory. Find out how becoming a registered member of TICA could benefit you if bad tenants are causing headaches.

TICA was established in 1992 to empower landlords by providing them with access to systems that protect their rights in the rental market. With over 6000 member offices sprinkled around the country, landlords who are registered members can access crucial information. One of the most important is tenancy screening.

Tenancy screening and reporting

If you’re a member of TICA, you can benefit from screening all of your potential tenancy applicants using the database. You’re able to confirm references and see what a tenant is really like thanks to a simple history check. This ensures that you weed out any potentially problematic tenants in the first place.

Another great feature is the ability for TICA members to report bad tenants on the database. If a tenant is in serious rental arrears, you registering a default tenant can act as a warning to other landlords and property managers to avoid taking on the burden of a problematic tenant. It may also put them in a position to recover outstanding money owed by the tenant.

TICA offers competitive landlord insurance policies available through its members so landlords can safeguard their most valuable asset: their investment property. Interestingly, some of the insurance providers require that tenants are screened via TICA’s database as a policy prerequisite. This reduces their risk by mitigating their loss from defaulting tenants. It also further protects you as a landlord from taking on a potentially disastrous tenant.

If you’re self-managing your investment property, a membership with TICA may benefit you. Otherwise, you can always seek professional help to lighten your load.

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