Property Management Books to Read this Winter

Winter reading

Winter is the perfect time to curl up, read a good book and gain inspiration for improving your rental property efforts.

Here are three must-read books containing tips for better property management:

Managing Your Investment Property by Rachel Barnes and Geoff Doidge

This is an invaluable book that shares the absolute ins and outs of managing your investment property. It doesn’t matter whether you want to go DIY-style or hire a property manager.

You’ll learn plenty of insightful tips, from choosing a profitable property, maintenance advice and collecting rent easily, down to handling a problematic tenant. The book will strengthen your discernment as an investment property owner and help you save time, money and headaches.

Property Management for Dummies by Robert Griswold

The title is a little tongue-in-cheek but this guide provides concise and much-needed knowledge on practically every aspect of property management. The business of property management means you’re going to wear many hats, including advertiser (sourcing prospective tenants), bookkeeper (maintaining records), accountant (adhering to tax requirements) and counsellor (mediate tenants and their problems).

If you haven’t hired a property manager, all these hats fall under your watch. Read this fantastic guide, flip to whatever troubleshooting section you need advice on and watch your property management skills develop.

Landlording on Auto-Pilot by Mike Butler

What an amazing, real-life tale. Read Landlording on Auto-Pilot and discover how Mike Butler managed a whopping 75 rental properties on his own while working full-time as a police detective, all before he acquired part-time help.

His simple method is proven to work and can help you find the best tenants you can grow to trust, increase cash flow, help with landlording regulations and get rid of bad tenants safely, quickly and cheaply.

Mr Butler now collects more than $100 million a year from his rental property investments, so he’s definitely somebody you’d want to learn from!

What other property management books have you found useful?

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