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What were you doing in 1969?


Well I was heavily pregnant watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, as my son was born just a few weeks after. But before that I giggled at the John Lennon and Yoko Ono ‘Love in’ in Quebec. And before that I gazed into the sky after hearing about the first flight of a Boeing 747 and wondered if I would ever have the opportunity to go in a Jumbo Jet.

And just a few weeks before that in late January 1969, I started my career in the Property Management business in Eastwood.

Maybe some of you reading this were not even born in 1969, so for more than your life time I have been managing properties in Eastwood, Epping, North Ryde, Marsfield, Denistone, Meadowbank and many other suburbs in Sydney’s north shore. Maybe some of you were also around in 1969, if that is the case we should get together and have