Tips for choosing the right suburb for your property investment

sydney suburbs

First-time investors are often stuck as to which suburb is the best to buy in. Whether you’re looking to attract a certain demographic, aiming for strong capital growth or seeking the highest rental return, finding the right suburb is an essential part of the investment process. [Read more…]

The correct way to claim your rental property expenses

rental property expenses

The property market is surging as people look to place their financial faith in real estate once more. While the enthusiasm of property investors increases, however, so too does the amount of deductions claimed. [Read more…]

Property Investing 101: Understanding the Basics

property investing 101

Finding the right investment property that ticks all the boxes takes time, patience and a whole lot of smarts. The best place to start is with the basics.

Here are the essential tools and tactics every budding investor needs to know. [Read more…]

Four property phases every investor needs to know

Property phases

There are four distinct phases in every property cycle, yet surprisingly few investors capitalise on this knowledge.

Understanding exactly where you are in the property cycle can ultimately help you pick the best time to buy and sell for maximum profit. [Read more…]

Everything landlords need to know about ending a tenancy

ending a tenancy

When it comes time to end a tenancy, there are various rules and procedures that landlords need to follow. These rules differ from state to state, but the NSW regulations are a great starting point for landlords.

Here’s how you can work with your property manager to ensure the process remains as pain-free as possible. [Read more…]

Investing in property with a self-managed super fund – is it right for you?

SMSF nest egg

In the face of a volatile world economy and shaky share markets, many Australians are looking for greater control over their superannuation. Combine this with the enduring appeal of bricks and mortar, and it’s not surprising that many are choosing to buy investment properties through self-managed super funds (SMSFs).

Is it the right strategy for you? Here are some of the ins and outs. [Read more…]

5 warning signs that your rental property manager isn’t doing their job

warning sign

Your relationship with a rental property manager is built on trust. After all, they’re looking after one of your biggest investments. But how can you tell if your current property manager is really pulling their weight? Here are some early warning signs that indicate it might be time to move on. [Read more…]

Five remedies for negative cash flow from your investment property

negative cash flow from investment property

Property investment brings with it the golden promise of steadily increasing returns. But the reality is that ongoing repair costs, low rental rates and high vacancies can potentially put you in the red.

Here are some ideas to remedy negative cash flow and protect your property during tough times.  [Read more…]

Four property investment myths debunked

property myths debunked

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to first-time property investment, so sometimes it’s best not to believe everything you hear. Let’s examine four of the big property myths that might deter would-be investors, and how you can plan a successful investment strategy.  [Read more…]

Is it better to invest in an established property or buy brand new?

new v established investment property

It’s the age-old property investment debate – buy an established property full of potential, or a new property that delivers instant tax incentives.

The answer, of course, depends on your priorities.

Let’s break it down. [Read more…]