5 Ways to Boost the Appeal of your Rental Property (and Attract the Right Tenants)

rented property

Got a gem of a rental property but not getting any bites?

With just the simplest of home updates, you can instantly boost your property’s rental appeal and attract the right tenants.

Get started with these perfectly profitable rental property updates. [Read more…]

Should you be friends with tenants on social media?

To friend or not to friend your tenants on social media… that is the question.
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3 simple steps to help your tenant deal with noisy neighbours

Landlords have a responsibility to help their tenants receive property maintenance and repair requests, as well as to address other pressing issues such as noise complaints.

Here are three simple steps to help your tenant battle with excessive noise from neighbours. [Read more…]

Is your new tenant really who they say they are?

Identity crime is a generic term used to describe the act of a person who fabricates, manipulates or steals and assumes an identity to facilitate a crime. It isn

3 Painful Problems for Landlords that You’ll Want to Avoid

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Bad tenants are primarily viewed as those who recklessly trash homes. But what about the ones who pay rent late or fail to pay up at all? Or those who become friends? Tenants should be kept at arm’s lengths and have their rental property regularly inspected. [Read more…]

The benefits of open house viewings

Showing a rental property to many people during set hours on a particular day is a highly effective way for landlords to find ideal tenants. No appointments are needed, the viewing is open to the public and it’s an opportunity to market an empty rental property and wow a bunch of potential applicants at the same time.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider an open house viewing. [Read more…]

Rental Property Tips: How to Keep Good Tenants

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So you’ve got a good thing going on with great tenants. They pay the rent on time, look after your property with the care it deserves and are pleasant dealing with you and surrounding neighbours.

Here are some tips that can take the mystery out of how to retain your good tenants for longer. [Read more…]

What to do when things go pear shaped with your rental property

A bad tenant

6 reasons why rental properties stay vacant

An empty rental property is one of the most frustrating problems for a landlord. Here are the top six reasons why rentals stay vacant. Are you committing any? [Read more…]

Why your rental property needs a home handbook

A home handbook is a resourceful guide for occupants to turn to when a particular situation arises. Landlords should supply their new tenants with one upon moving in so they can turn to the handbook in times of need.

Learn how to compile your own and why they’re so important. [Read more…]